She (Bev) is the best model out there as far as I am concerned. I love her personality and how she comments so comfortably and intelligently during the video's. There is just something very sexy about her.

Bev - well, I can only join in the choir of praises about her; she's fantastic. The way she talks to the camera is nothing short of superb. I think what makes this video so great is the interaction with the viewer - by acknowledging his (or her) presence, she removes the all-too-common feeling of just watching a model at work. Well done, all of you!

Just got to tell you about Beverly's DVD (Bev's Balloon Blow Along) from I really like Bev alot. She's a very nice looking lady (What am i saying? Bloody gorgeous are the words that instantly spring to mind), sounds nice to talk with as well. I'm a helium inflation fan and am generally 95.99% recurring and twice remaining, badgering Mike D on when the next DVD release is and if theres much helium in it. But, in this DVD, I'd recommend it to those of us that like generous helpings of B2P and a bit of balloon stabbing with a sharp object (namely Beverly's Balloon Spear haha)!!
There are also some rather witty and amusing comments in the closing credits about those questions you always wanted to ask but were a bit too embarrassed to ask.
In the words of Porky Pig, Th-Th-Th-Thats all folks!!

I got a big kick out of watching Beverly play school teacher, calmly giving instructions on how to blow up big balloons until they bursts. Of course, she was doing it naked which made it a little bizarre but very entertaining none the less. What's kind of unique about this one is how she gives detailed descriptions of exactly what she's doing, all the way through. She really knows how to get nice long necks on them too! She encourages you to get some balloons and follow along with her, which of course I'm way to chicken to do. So, if you're into seeing a good looking woman fearlessly popping balloons naked, this is a movie you'll really enjoy.

Bev is a poppers dream come true , She is really superb !! Great body too !! I wish she was living next door to me !! The way she talks you through how to burst balloons is  simply fantastic and I dont use that word very often !! Mike D has always done great videos but this one is something special.

Dear Mike and Sherry !! ( hope I have spelt that right !! ) The bev dvd is absolutely brilliant !! Thanks !! She is superb !! You keep coming up with just what the ballooning (popping ) people want !! Violet and renee is the most erotic thing that I have seen - ever !! CJ did a great one with the pin pop !! she really teased on that one !! Also she said that was what spiky heels were for - POPPING BALLOONS !! that did it for me !!
I also love it when your models squeak the balloons before bursting them !! ( balloons 2000 was great for that ) Sorry but I cant remember the girls name !! Ariel also did a belter when she said -  gonna make it BURST!! ( I have a thing about the word burst ) ! ! 

Hallo dear Mike,
I hope you are ok. We have the first snow here in Munich for this winter.

Yesterday the Bev-DVD arrived. It is one of the best I´ve seen for a long time. She is a btp-wonder and a big pleasure for every btp-fan. Very funny her comments for the watcher and her lessons how to treat the balloons. And also technical picture- and sound-quality are very good.

I'm another buddy who did a custom shoot with Bev. I can confirm that it was great fun, and she did a great job making a video which should please every sitting fan!

I went and visited Mike on leave before I left for afghainstan, and Mike and Sherie were some of the most professional people I have ever seen.  They hooked me up with just about anything that I needed.  Bev was the model on the night of my shoot, and OMG.  It was awesome.  I would put my trust in Mike to pick a great model any day of the week.
Mike, you know my 21st is coming.  Hope you have somewhat of a plan  LOL. 

Had to reply to this one for sure.I am one of those people who have done a session with Mike and his team.Guys and gals and I can definately back up what mike is saying about Bev.Not only are Mike and his lovely wife Sherrie professional, they are extremely nice people as well.When I recently came to the US for a short holiday break, I asked Mike to arrange a session for me while I was there. This they did and told me Bev would be the model for the night. I can tell you all truthfully that this was the best and I do mean the best time I have ever had in my life as far as loons are concerned. Bev was the ultimate professional model and was as fearless as they come. She even blew up,  from scratch ,a qualatex 24 inch to bursting , by mouth. That red loon got absolutely huge and I do mean huge.It must have been more than the rated size when it popped and Bev simply looked at it and giggled as if it was an everyday occurance.It did not even faze her one bit.I on the other hand being ckicken little was almost ready to go outside and hide as they say.I am glad I didn't. And yes  I have even rung mike and spoke to him several times by phone from Australia where I live. As Mike has said this time and many time before contact him if you need to.You won't regret it.
Good luck Mike with Bev and if she wants to come here and live with me send her over by all means.She can be my balloon buddy anytime . HeHeHeHE Lol.

I received the dvd ("Lynn's Big Balloon Blow Away") yesterday. It's great. Your best work so far.

Hi Mike been a while sorry haven't been in contact didn't have any internet access for about 4 months. Any way got the don't stop till it pops balloons through the other time thanks there great haven't got round to inflating any yet but my wife thinks they're cool too and thanks for the speedy shipping time couldn't ask for a quicker turn around.

The DVD arrived last Wednesday. It's a great DVD and Lynn is hot!

I just wanted to let you know that i received the dvd's...i think Lynn is my favorite and the bit about dogs at the end was priceless...but it could get a guy in a lot of trouble with you know who...but it is still funny...keep up the good work

Hello Mike,
 The film (Violet's Big Tilly Violence) arrived today, wow what a film it was, I shall be putting in more orders for her films, she is lovely.

Thank you so much MIKE, your dvd have recived today, is beautiful video, congratulation,

Violet is a natural -  and the dvd of rennee and violet was one that I thought you wouldnt ever beat ,Violet on her own is superb too !! BUT  The one that really did it for me was the Cj and Ariel dvds , They both said how they were going to burst the balloons , and talked us through it !! Ariel said a couple of times " Im gonna make it burst " and CJ  did pretty much the same when she teased the yellow balloon with a pin before she burst it !!

WOW!  Lynn is hot. Great pic with her blowing up that yellow Q24.

Hallo Mike,
How are you? I hope ok. Here in Germany the dream from the Worldchampionship is over. Yesterday our team lost the semi-final against Italy. But I can console me with the new "Violet"-DVD, which I´ve got yesterday. Very hot girl and very nice video with great blowtopops. Thanks a lot, also again the the discount.

Hi MIke;
Just wanted to let you know I got the First DVD. It Is Awesome, the Quality is very Good and Lena is a Very Pretty Woman who certanly enjoys what she is doing and make you wish you were there with her.

Hello Mike,
Your balloons are really delicious :)
Just wanted to say it !

I received the DVD " Hollies Hot and Heavy Bursting" three days after I ordered it. I want to thank you on how fast you were getting this DVD sent to me and also the balloons that came with it. I was pretty excited when I saw the package in the mail box and I couldn't wait to play it. I thought this movie was fantastic. Hollie is hot and very sexy especially with all those balloons. I was very impressed with the btp scenes. She seems to have a healthy set of lungs for all the blowing she was doing . Great film Mike , Sherry, Hollie and anybody else involved. I loved it.

Got the video monday. Thank you for your speedy attention. I love the video. Ariel is a pretty lady who doesn't seem to have any fear. I love that quality in a woman. Thank you for the little two balloon gift in the package. They will go to good use

Finally got a chance to watch Renee and Violet in action.Holy shit, that was absolutely fantastic! I haven't yet seen a video where the conversation about balloon was so erotic. And they seemed so natural together! I'm hoping there's going to be a sequel.

Dear Mike
Thanks for posting the clip from Lena's Popping Lust . It is simply the most amazing balloon video I have ever seen. Say Hi ! to Lena from me when you see her next :)
I appreciate your efforts of keeping customers happy , Thanks a lot

Hi Mike!
Sorry it took so long to get back, but I received my videos on Sa. and really enjoyed them! I thought each one had special outstanding moments for me personally. I liked the bouncing in (Balloon Joy), the most in that video. Very much, while the two girls were still in their panties. Also enjoyed the scene after they went totally nude, and the both of them rode a long green (airship)?, that Joey had played with since the video began. My other two favorite moments were, them bouncing on a much bigger, blue balloon, and two round ones, while still wearing their panties. It was a fun video to watch all the way around.
Boy! I am so glad that I ordered Violet's Big Tilly Violence! She absolutely sums up my favorite balloon popping fantasy. Sexiest balloon riding ever! My most outstanding moment would be, seeing her ride a blue tilly on her bed, near the videos end. She was also inflating a green one up to her bare breasts, which I thought made it even more exciting. She kept riding that blue one and it kept squealing as it struggled to hold her, but it did a great job! She finally put it out of its misery though. Most balloons that girls squash in videos are gone long before that. Every scene in this video is just as exciting. I love those sounds of those balloons getting bigger and bigger between her legs! She is a very hot looner with a really enjoyable popping method to watch! Hope to see her in future releases, doing the same thing, especially.

I received the dvd ("Violet's Big Tilly Violence) yesterday. It has got to be the best one in the series so far.

Thank you for what you and sites like yours do. Forty-six years ago, when I started engaging in behaviors which I would now say are typical for a "looner," they left me feeling scared, disgusted with myself in the midst of my fascination with balloons, and certain that I was going to Hell for being a monster. Relief, and understanding, have been a long time coming. The information available on the web, sites like Mellyloon and Loonynudes, and the knowledge that there are other people like me "out there" have made me feel considerably less weird and/or perverse than I did when I was 13.

Hey Mike,
I wanted to thank you for your timely delivery with the tape ("Violet's Big Tilly Violence") that I ordered from you. I received it exactly when you said that I was going to get it and my wife and I enjoyed it very much and Violet is a very beautiful and talented young lady
Thanks again

I got the DVDs last friday("Sarah's Bursting Seduction" and "Violet's Big Tilly Violence"). First of all, thanks for the good and fast service. The Videos are great and the girls also.

I just received the DVD for the above video and it may be my alltime favorite. I have ordered from you in the past and liked Darlene's previous video but Violet took it to another level with the big balloons. Seeing her wrap those legs around those balloons and then bounce & ride was almost more than I could stand. Please tell me there will be a sequel to this video.

Thanks for fast shipping, I received the DVD ("Violet's Big Tilly Violence") just before Christmas. Really nice stuff - Violet is absolutely great!

The video is Violet's Big Tilly Violence. The only balloons used are Tilly 20 inch, mainly crystals, with a few pastels and blacks. This is a hard core video for people that like overinflation and riding to pop, as both concepts are combined throughout the sequences. Violet opens the video by showing several Tillys and explaining how shell bounce on each one in a different way in order to burst them all. She makes short work of that. I find Violet to be the absolute hottest model Mike D has out there. Her voice and body language are very conducive to porn/fetish work. Shes extremely aggressive in her abuse of the balloons. She actually comes off as being believable in terms of portraying a balloon fetishist. Once Violet has warmed up by riding the first balloons to pop, she begins the main focus of the video....overinflation bursting the Tillys while holding them between her thighs or against her bottom/riding them. It would seem she enjoys the repeated *snaps* of the torn latex against her tender skin. With many of the balloons, the end comes with a flurry of shreds after the deep *POP* thats the signature of a Tilly. The first portion is shot in a living room. Shortly into the first sequence, Violet removes her top to expose her breasts while lamenting how her arousal makes her sweat. At several points throughout the video, she stops to prepare a balloon without overinflation to ride. There are a few blow to pops as well. Eventually Violet moves to the bvedroom to foster further intimacy. The most noteworthy part of the video seems to be that it reflects Violet as sincerely enjoying her balloon play. She deftly plays the tease/anticipation angle throughout the video.

Mike, this chick (Violet) is HOT!  Where do you get 'em?

that looks like an awesome movie mike... I just may have to buy that one... my hats off to violet..excellent job..

hi mike
the update of violet was just WOW!!!

Hi Mike,Just received my first Lonneynudes order - WOW!!!!! Ariel is wonderful,a gorgeous girl and what a great blow to popper!

Just returned from working abroad for 5 weeks. I received the two DVD's thanks very much and they are impressive. Ariel is an hot one

I think it was one of your best works ("Ariel's Balloon Assault"). I really liked it's unhurried pace. Most videos I've seen the girls pop them as if it was a race. Even most of the btp she stopped and touched, fondled the balloon before adding more breaths a few times. It was very hard to find anything wrong.

I really liked the last video with Heather in it ("Heather and Joey's Balloon Joy").

Fantastic site!! :)

I enjoyed my new DVD ("CJ's Blow to Pop Craving" ) and will be ordering a new DVD very shortly, which one, I cannot make my mind up.

After looking at the advertisements Mike D. had posted about Arielís Balloon Assault, I was impressed with Arielís beauty. Of course, the video was sent extremely quick, which has always been one of Mellyloon and looneynudeís qualities. I eagerly started the DVD which started with a very cute Ariel stating she was tired of shopping with her daddy and wanted to relax with her room full of balloons to help her relax. I wish I were
30 years younger! This gal was absolutely beautiful, and played with the balloons with great enthusium. Of course, no balloon survived. I liked how she would roll around on the balloons, bouncing on them for a few
moments before bringing an end to the balloon with either her cute butt, fingernails, stepping or inflation. Some day, I hope to be at Looneynudes production studio to assist with future shoots with Ariel.
This is one gal to see.

Compliments to all fearless ladies of mellyloon and looneynudes. It?s a pure pleasure to see all your stuff.
I?m really jealously of you.

Hey Mike,
I got the video today (Violet's Big Tilly Violence). You guys did a fantastic job on it. I can't say that I would change anything. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for a great job. Tell her that she should be commended on a job well done. Thanks again.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday (Monday) as you said. Thank you for sending it priority mail. You didn't have to do that, but I can't thank you enough! Your company is really holding a good reputation with me and I havn't found any service that has been able to stick to their word and keep it. This is one satisified customer you won't haev to worry about loosing. I have been spreading the words to other people and trying to make your business grow. Keep up the great work and am definetly looking forward to doing further business with you.

Once again, than you very much for shipping the order I made so quicky. Its much appreciated. I'm in the Navy and we ship out like every week, so its hard to catch the PO box on a regular basis.

Arielís Balloon Assault
This is another wonderful DVD from <> First off, Ariel is a lovely slender young thing some very long brown hair. Which for me makes this DVD even better. Ariel is very comfortable with the balloons and seems to have a great time with them. Ariel is all over the balloons through out the DVD but you can see that the POP gives her just a little concern. Which I think is normal for just about everyone. Got to have them BIG, but when they pop big sometimes they hurt too. In the beginning Ariel is dress very nicely and has some very sharp high heels that she puts to some good use on some poor defenseless balloons. What makes this DVD so good is that Ariel is VERY cute!! I have seen a lot of Looneynudes DVDís and as well. But Ariel is very attractive in this one, not really sure why. At one point Ariel is on the couch with nothing on and is blowing up a balloon until it pops. Which by itself is nothing Ariel has no problem with the balloons at all and covers every way of popping them accept pin or cigarette, which is just fine by me. I have no complaints. Needless to say I am very glad I got this DVD. Plus the slide show on this is also VERY nice! Lots of pictures in each of the slide shows and quite a few slide shows as well. This DVD was worth buying just for Ariel alone. I canít wait to see what has got coming out next.

I received a copy of Ariel's Balloon Assault yesterday in record time, and it is also a fantastic video. Ariel has that girl-next-door quality and doesn't have any problem b2ping those big balloons. Another two thumbs up for Mike D. and crew.

Hey everyone, I just received a copy of "Sarah's Bursting Seduction" DVD from in the mail, and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would share my feeliings on it.
This DVD covers just about ever kind of popping you can think of. This was a VERY nice video and well worth the cost. Sarah is a fairly tall, slender, SEXY young blond, with some VERY nice breasts that she puts to good use. Through out most of the video Sarah is wearing some balloon killing spiked heels. Yes several balloons meet their end beneath those heels. Sarah is quite fearless with the balloons and has no problems blowing them up until the pop. In the beginning of the video Sarah is wearing a one piece revealing mini skirt kind of dress that shows off her wonderful body. Soon she grows tiered of the dress and takes it completely off. Which gives us a wonderful view of her great SEXY body. After lots of balloons have meet their death in various ways including her fearlessly blowing them until they pop, stomping, sitting and squeezing, Sarah changes into a very tight RED leather like dress. I think one of the best scenes that Sarah does is on the couch with a crystal clear balloon. Sarah has NOTHING on but those high heels and she is laying on her back on the couch blowing up this 18" clear balloon until it POPS!!!! Very nice from start to finish. Throughout the video Sarah is talking to the balloons, just as if they had a will of their own. Sarah's Bursting Seduction is a joy to watch and I have watched it several times now and will do so again. After the video is done watch the Picture slide show!! There are 6 of them and each one has about 55 pics in them. I like the slide shows because they seem to show a different side of Sarah even though you just watched her on the video. In the end this DVD was well worth the time money!!! Looneynudes is a great place to get the sexy balloon videos I have been looking for. Can't wait for the next DVD I order!!

I agree... great video, your review (above) sums it up nicely.

Thanks Mike, the video (Sarah's Busrting Seduction) is great, exactly as I hoped it would be.

Mike, the last scene in this video was more than worth the price of admission !! Aerial is great interacting with the balloon. Getting herself turned on and making comments as such.

Ooooh she(Ariel) is so cute!!!

The videos were great (Sarah's Bursting Seduction), thanks for the follow-up! I'll have to talk to you about some video ideas sometime, see if you find any intriguing. Thanks again!

Hello Mike,
I received the DVD's, thanks a lot. The one with Lena is really wonderfull. This girl is really a dream. I will write you soon for a new order.
Have a nice day.

Hi Mike,
I did received the DVD the week. It´s a great production. I think it´s the best because of Sarah!!! :-))) Hope to see more of her!

Thanks Mike! Love the vids (Sarah)!!! Get her, if possible, to helium inflate to pop 16" qualatex (with the happy faces on them)! Also, maybe some rough bouncing around of already inflated balloons! This vid iordered looks EXCELLENT!!!

I havn't found any site as adaquate as yours. I've been looking for more balloon sites on the net, but you're tops them all!

I have this DVD (More Than Balloon Friends) and it was more than worth it! Fallon works very well with balloons nearly fearless. If you don't have this DVD it is worth the money to get it!!

Hi Mike,
the videos from my order are here. Thank you very much for it and for the two balloons. It's ever very nice to see videos from your website. Thank you very much and have a good time.


Hi Mike,
I must confess: you are faster than lightning!
best wishes from Germany

I received the videos on Friday, but had to wait untill this afternoon to view them. They're great. I think you may have found a dancer who could make the video I talked about. Now you have to find some "public domain music" for her to work with. I'm glad you sent me the dvd. I didn't know just how sharp a "home made" video could be.

Hallo Mike
Today I recived the DVD (Tawny's Balloon Tease). I really enjoy the Balloonmovie! Looning around
with Balloons can be so much fun!!
You're doing a good work with Your filming, I like your movies and looking
foreward what's coming new:

I write you because yesterday I finally saw the dvds, and I have to said that they are absolutly AMAIZING!!!!!
The girls are terrific and as always, you are improving the themes with the girls.

2 days ago I recived the newest DVD from your collection. I think because christmas it takes a longer time then usually but it was wothe waiting for it!!! I really like the style from your Videoproduction and how the girls
are popping balloons. For sure, this will not be the last DVD I will order from You.
Have a nice day, looking foreward to see more good productions from you,

Hi Mike,
Just received "Ann and Crystal's Balloon Funhouse". Great DVD. The girls, particularly Ann, are gorgeous. The contest with the two pumps works really well. Adding the nudity gives some fun spice to your already first class productions.

What can I say it was great. Ann and Crystal are to very sexy ladies. They interacted with the balloons great. Each had there own way with the balloons. As the video showed Ann used her lung power to pop the balloons, as Crystal used her nails. I liked Ann little yeps as she popped each balloon. Crystal could do allot of damage in a room filled with balloons in a hurry with her nails. All in all I give it a nine. Another great job for you guys.

Hi Mike,
I got the videos yesterday. Luv'em!!!!! Keep up the great work.

Love your new site Looney nudes. I sent you a order for two of the video's.

Tape arrived few days ago just fine. I just last night had time to set down and enjoy it. And I do mean ENJOY. This is very much to my liking.

I just ordered Your DVD "more than friends". I saw the preview and I just have to order it!! I'm looking foreward to watch the entire movie. Keep going to do your great job!

I just wanted to let you know also that I joined looneynudes and I think it's great :) I particulary love it when the girls are getting the balloons to near bursting and test the size and tightness by examaning and feeling the balloon with their free hand or it brushing against their body,

Awesome pics and congrats on your new website

I just wanted to say congratulations and good luck with the new site.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic site "Looneynudes" is, well done. The girls and their poses are just wonderful. I love all the sets, but I particularly liked Tawny's set in which she's featured both bending over and laying down, two of my favourite inflation positions for models!

Mike, I'm just lost for words !!! This site is too good to be true !!!